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Butoke supports the whole community in their development efforts.


About Us

Butoke is a locally based non-government organization supporting development work in Western Kasai province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Like much of DRC, Western Kasai province had been devastated by 10 years of war when Butoke was created in March 2005. About 30% of the population of the province consists of refugees from other parts of the Congo or from neighbouring countries, including, most recently, refugees from Angola.

Butoke, which means, “light,” strives to support the population in their efforts to re-establish normal lives and satisfy their most basic needs. Butoke is an ecumenical non-profit organization involving both Christian and Moslems. Its membership counts 57 civil and religious leaders, with representation of all tendencies of civil society. Its overall purpose is to contribute to integrated rural development and human development.

Learning about God’s love one tar lady at a time – a parable

Cécile de Sweemer’s story as written by Butoke supporter Dickens Warfield.

NEW: Butoke featured as case study in aid effectiveness.



Our Work

Butoke works in four areas:

1.       Food Security and Nutrition

2.       Education

3.       Health

·         Access to medical care

·         Malnutrition

·         Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

·         Disability

4.       Human Rights.

Click here for access to all Butoke Reports and Updates, by date.


How can you help?

Butoke works in a forgotten part of the world. Because the needs are so great and the resources so limited, your help in the form of cash donations can make a great deal of difference. Butoke has a dynamic, honest and committed leadership group that is determined to make a sustainable difference in peoples’ lives. Funds can be channelled directly to Butoke, or through non-governmental organizations working with us in the USA and Canada. Click on the “How Can You Help” button above for details.


Contact Us

Contact us directly in Kananga, through our goodwill ambassadors in Canada and the US, or through one of our partner organizations. Follow the link for details.