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Butoke is a Congolese NGO, formed in March 2005. Its membership includes 57 civil and religious leaders, with representation of all tendencies of civil society. Butoke is firmly ecumenical and apolitical. Its overall purpose, as per its statutes, is “to contribute to integrated rural development and to human development.”

Butoke has organized itself into seven technical cells, to promote dialogue among concerned parties on a variety of human development issues. These are:

·        Law and Human Rights

·        Program Management,

·        Information, Education and Communication,

·        Rural development and Agriculture

·        Health

·        Education

Holistic Health and Pastoral Care.

Butoke Executive Director Dr. Jean Lumbala


Pastor Lazare Tshibuabua and Dr. Cécile de Sweemer, celebrating Butoke’s inauguration in March 2005.



A function of these cells is to help to deepen Butoke’s understanding of development problems and priorities in each area – a function consistent with Butoke’s name, which means “light,” in this case, the light of understanding.  Butoke’s statutes permit it to act as an implementing agency, to provide support for other NGOs and civil society organizations or to engage in remunerated consultation work.


Butoke’s Executive Director, Dr. Jean Lumbala Muamba, is an agronomist with 10 years experience both as teacher and director of an agricultural college and as field supervisor of agricultural extension projects. Dr. Lumbala obtained his medical degree in 2006 and coordinates Butoke’s activities in the health sector, in addition to being Butoke’s Executive Director.


Butoke’s chief financial officer is Pastor Lazare Tshibuabua, Executive Presbyter of the Kananga Presbytery.


Butoke benefits from high-level technical support from its Chair of the Board and senior consultant Dr. Cécile De Sweemer, who has 45 years of experience in developing countries. She has resided in Kasai since February 2004. Click here to access Cécile’s story as written by Butoke supported Dickens Warfield.


For more information on Butoke, please refer to the full version of its statutes and rules of internal order (available only in French, at this time, except for the preamble) as well as to the list of Butoke members and signatories.