Narrative Report for the second trimester 2011 of Butoke ONGD


The second trimester of 2011 has been exceptional on the support side, as Butoke was for the first time supported by three foreign NGOs: Friends of Butoke USA and Friends of Butoke UK, both recently incorporated, and World Hope Canada who presented in April in partnership with Butoke a sizable project on Human Development in the Kasai to the Canadian International Development Agency. We expect an answer on this proposal in October 2011.


As we have mentioned before we had started testing the possibility of social marketing of health in the urban areas of RD Congo In 2010 we opened a proximity clinic in Kananga, self financing and potentially producing a surplus. This trimester, it contributed $1062 to the general budget. The number of patients totals 395, including 2 operations. By the end of January, we had opened a pharmacy in Masina Kinshasa which is slowly evolving. At this point, it is financially self-supporting, but not generating a significant surplus.

In June 2010, Butoke presented a transition plan with a monthly budget of USD 10,000. It aimed at supporting the orphanage fully as well as core staff necessary to restart the human development project as soon as CIDA would agree to its renewed funding, probably in the second trimester of 2011. We fell slightly short of this goal in the second trimester

Friends of Butoke USA and Friends of Butoke UK expressed as priority the support of the orphanage.

World Hope has as its main interest the reinforcement of Butoke in preparation of the future project. World Hope is thus interested in the orphanage but also in the other activities of Butoke.

The orphanage in this trimester has been functioning almost optimally. This is a major accomplishment. We had hoped in this trimester to renew the stock of clothes and bedding for the children and even have some reserve of clothing and bedding as expected we have had more children to present themselves. We were limited in what we were able to. The next semester will be even worse

The clinic Musue Bantu needs tightening of documentation and financial reports need to be clearer. But its medical work is good and appreciated. This trimester, the clinic saw 389 patients, operated 22 and sponsored one AIDS case for specialist care for tuberculosis. The clinic has much competent nursing staff when the Human Development starts we will reassign those with teaching, survey and planning abilities to the project.

The transition which we reckoned would take 15 months seems more to become 18 months. We keep our hope while attempting a proposal for short project during the main agricultural season. All Butoke’s coordinators, respectively in Food Security, Nutrition, Health and Social Protection have been maintained, this assures that as soon as we know the proposal is accepted, action plans can be realistically drafted and procurement and hiring as well as preliminary training can be undertaken.

 We have been able to maintain the full staff of Food security and have maintained contact with the associations. This gives us a head start in this domain as the project may receive its acceptance close to the main agricultural season. Everyone is set to make the short  project a great success and move straight into the longer term Human Development project.

The task that attends us is great and very much needed with God’s and you help we hope to succeed.

Breaking news:

We have just learned that World Hope will support a Food Security and Nutrition short project for the next 6 months. We rejoice and give grace to God as it will help to support 40 villages to produce more food for a total of 160 ha. In the same villages we will screen for moderate and severe malnutrition among children and provide supplementary food for rehabilitation. This will help to strengthen Butoke and prepare for the longer term CIDA project which has the same elements plus community mobilization and organization for nutrition, health and human rights.

This will assure that the FOB USA and FOB UK support can focalize even more on the support of the orphanage.


Full Financial Report second Trimester 2011

In this report we have enumerated all  contributions we received. The sources were from Friends of Butoke USA ( FOB USA), which from FOB UK and which  from WorldHope Ca  ( WH Ca), our clin Musue Bantu and finally  individual donors.

FOB USA contributed over the 3 months a total of USD 3362 , FOB UK  a total of USD 1700 and WorldHope contributed  USD 9000, the clinic Musue Bantu contributed USD 1062 to other Butoke activities and finally individual contributions this trimester amount to USD 10800, We reported $2.7 from the previous trimester.We present a consolidated narrative and financial report for the consolidated USD 25.926.7. our total available income.

The work awaiting us is enormous we hope to bee able to count on your continued support.


1. Salaries second trimester

a. Salaries coordination @ $1200 per month                                      $3600

b. Personnel  in administration and logistics @700 /month            $2100

c. Personnel Food security@ $960 month                                            $ 2880

d. Personnel de l’orphelinat @ $355 per month                                   $1065

SUBTOTAL                                    : $ 9645

2. General support costs

         a. fuel for Toyota and electricity                                                     : $ 1870

            b. car maintenance                                                                              : $ 165

d. office supplies                                                                               : $ 300

            e. telephone charges                                                                         : $ 250   

f. internet                                                                                             : $ 375

          SUBTOTAL                                                              : $2960

3. Direct expenses orphanage

a.      Food                                                                                                 : $ 9260,4

b.      Supplementary food                                                                     : $  1574.3

c.       Wood                                                                                                : $ 1586.6

d.   Bedding and Hyg                                                                           :$ 605

e.      Schooling WH

o   Fees for the primary school for 30 people             : $180

o   Fees for secondary school for 4 people                         $60

o   Nursing school 1 person $50 for  trimester-              : $50


SUBTOTAL orphans                                       : $




§  TOTAL GENERAL OVER ALL INCOME  $ 25926.7 BALANCE                                            : $  5.4